Watch The Footage Productions is a team of young filmmakers with extensive backgrounds in all aspects of the entertainment industry. Together, they have been producing films since 2016, two of which have earned distribution with Mali Elfman’s Fun Size Horror.


Allisyn Arm was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is well-known as the mousy high school-er, Heather, on the hit NBC show “A.P. Bio,” and for her series regular role of Zora in the hit Disney shows “Sonny with a Chance” and “So Random.” She has been in the entertainment industry for eighteen years as an actor, but was always fascinated by the directors' work, and yearned to one day express her artistic creativity through that channel. Arm graduated high school at age 15 and began taking cinematography classes at Glendale College. In 2016, she teamed up with longtime friend, Bryan Morrison, and began producing films. The two have collaborated on six short films and a pilot they are currently pitching. Arm won the Platinum Award for Best Director (Female) in Independent Shorts Awards 2019 for her work on "Nasty Habits."

Bryan Morrison is an editor and cinematographer originally from Frederick, Maryland. Morrison started to produce his own films as a teenager, and after graduating, enrolled in the University of North Carolina School of the Arts filmmaking program with a concentration in Picture Editing and Sound Design. In 2016, he visited Los Angeles over the summer to work on “Strangers,” a short film written and directed by Allisyn Arm. Morrison and Arm's working synergies were immediately evident, and their shared passion for filmmaking quickly developed into a tradition, with him flying out every summer to work with Arm and her small crew. In 2018, he graduated UNCSA and moved to Los Angeles permanently to follow his dreams. Some of Morrison’s credits include “Dead Leaf Butterfly” (2018), “Roaches 2: The Rescue” (2018), “It’s Just A Story” (2017), “Your Mother’s A Whore!” (2017), and “Weeji” (2017). Morrison won the Silver Award for Best Editing in Independent Shorts Awards 2019 for his work on "Nasty Habits."

Dylan Snyder co-manages Watch The Footage Productions and has experience in many departments. He’s worked as a 1st A.D. in three Watch The Footage films, and had his directing debut in 2018 on “Dead Leaf Butterfly,” where he won International Independent Film Awards Silver Winner for Best Director. Snyder also has an extensive acting resume and is recognizable from his work on Disney XD’s hit series “Kickin’ It.” Beginning his acting career in community theatre at the age of four, Snyder is known for his acting, singing, and dancing abilities, starring as Young Tarzan in the 2006 Broadway musical, “Tarzan,” and as Timmy in the 2009 feature film, “Life During Wartime.” He recently starred in films “Flock of Flour” and “Crabs,” and co-starred in the season 3 premiere of “Better Call Saul.” Snyder won the Bronze Award for Best Cinematography in Independent Shorts Awards 2019 for his work on "Nasty Habits."

Joey Luthman is an actor and filmmaker out of Los Angeles, California, well known for his work on “Weeds,” “Kickin’ It,” “How To Rock,” “The Goldbergs,” “General Hospital,” “Long Road Home,” and much more. Growing up as a child actor with consistent work, Luthman decided to pursue a career behind the camera and enrolled in Glendale College for cinematography and editing, inspired by Ron Howard’s transition from acting into directing. Luthman was the Director of Photography on the short film “Dead Leaf Butterfly” (2018) which he co-wrote, and was the Silver Winner at International Independent Film Awards for Cinematography.

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